The video for the track was recorded on a London canal boat and features Ishani alongside her band mate, Jason on guitars. They star alongside an adorable cat and dog and even Ishani's husband, who makes a brief appearance near the end.

Late in 2016, you may have been one of the 400,000+ people that downloaded and found themselves humming along to Ishani's song ‘Don't Stop the Fight’. That song was a powerful statement about violence against women - a topic was clearly at the top of Ishani's thoughts. Her contribution to awareness of the fact that one in three women experience violence in their life times, was highly valuable.

Just Like the Movies is a very different track. She is speaking from her heart again, but this time on a much sunnier topic, one that has inspired music making since prehistoric times, love. The song has feel-good summer vibes and jazzy acoustic sounds. It is a sure fire summer hit. Make sure you check it out first on YouTube.


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